Vehicle Bodies and Complete vehicles

Bodycraft have been building vehicle bodies for many years and have also now progressed to selling complete vehicles if our customers prefer for us to source them a vehicle.

We build all styles of vehicle bodies, Dropsides, Curtainside, Luton and Box bodies, to various dimensions to suit our customers requirements.

From 3500kgs upwards, we will produce a quality body built to our customers’ specification, that will do the work that its required to carry out.

Our complete vehicles are generally built on Fiat or Renault product, but if you have a certain Manufacturer in mind then we will try and get you a competitive price for the complete vehicle.

Why not call us to get a quotation on either body or complete vehicle.

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We Build

Drop Side body

Dropside Bodies

We build Dropside Bodies on all makes of Chassis cabs, building them to customer requirements whether on 3.5ton chassis cabs or 7.5ton chassis, from 10ft (3 metres) to 22ft (6.7metres).

The floor options are Phenol Coated floor sheets, Hardwood, or Aluminium plank. We can make the sides from 200mm to 610mm high, they can be 400mm single plank or can be multiplank sides clipped together. The loading board behind the cab can be all aluminium or have a mesh infill depending on your requirements.

Luton Van

Luton Box Vans

We not only build the Low Loader Luton box vans but also build standard and bespoke Luton bodies all to suit your specific chassis, we have approvals on most chassis makes, and our standard Luton body is competitively priced against other body builders. We have different material options to build from to try and get you the best payload, we can fit tie rails, Load Lok, internal lights and tail lifts.

Low Floor Curtainsider

The Low Floor Curtainsider has the same body dimensions as the Low Loader Luton Van. We use a specialist curtain system that has sliding doors and curtains that run in tracks top and bottom so ratchets are not needed. The payload for the vehicle can be 1000kgs depending on the spec you require.

Bead spec conversions

Bead spec conversions have the same body as a Low Loader Luton van, but we convert them into bead spec vehicles, with an internal bulkhead with a small access door, 2 mesh vents and a viewing window fixed towards the rear, 1 ladder box internal in the bead area, 1 toolbox over the N/S wheel arch which is accessed through an external lockable side door, ply lined roof in bead area, a slide out tray for compressor to be fitted to and rear side hooks for hose stowage.

These can be built to your own requirements.